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RockHard dietary supplement recalls potentially hazardous pills

RockHard dietary supplement recalls potentially hazardous pills

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has announced that RockHard Laboratories has voluntarily recalled its dietary supplement “RockHard Weekend” throughout the nation because of the possible presence of the drug sulfoaildenfil. The active drug is not listed on the RockHard Weekend ingredients, however it is a variation of the drug Sildenfil, which is used to prevent erectile dysfunction. When combined with certain other prescription medications, sulfoaildenfil can lower blood pressure to critical levels, greatly endangering the unsuspecting user.

Located in Atlanta, Georgia, RockHard Laboratories has declared that it will recall blister packs of RockHard Weekend with the expiration dates 10/11, 3/12, and 8/12. Additionally, three-count bottles of RockHard Weekend with the expiration date of 9/12 will be recalled, as will eight-count bottles with the expiration date 6/12.

RockHard Laboratories has set up the toll free number 1-800-562-0543 for consumers who have purchased any of the aforementioned RockHard Weekend dietary supplements with the corresponding expiration dates, so that they can obtain the proper refund.

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