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Depuy Orthopedics Under Fire, Seeks “Inappropriate” Access to Medical Records

September 21, 2010

Depuy Orthopedics Under Fire, Seeks “Inappropriate” Access to Medical Records

Depuy Hip Lawyers from the U.S. and Ireland have issued warnings to consumers, health care professionals, and Depuy Orthopedics regarding the conditions the company reportedly set on compensation for revision surgery and other costs incurred in the Depuy ASR Hip Recalls.

An Irish Health article reported that patients fitted with the recalled devices must submit the recalled implants to Depuy before the company will consider compensating them for revision surgery and other costs. Further, patients must agree to all Depuy access to their medical records.

An Irish Depuy Hip Lawyer told the Independent that Depuy had sent out letters to approximately 160 orthopedic surgeons telling them to make patients sign release forms that would allow to company to round up the recalled implants and gain access to patient medical records. Bradley and other lawyers urged patients to retain possession of the hip replacements and to not “sign any forms that may affect their ability to claim the costs of a new operation or compensation,” the article said.

An RTE News article reported that “The company has confirmed to RTÉ News that payment for doctor’s costs, X-rays and any repair surgery is conditional on the patient agreeing to provide DePuy with all medical records and the faulty hip and signing a consent form to this effect.”

Hospitals in Ireland are currently in the process of contacting over 3500 patients in the country who have received the potentially faulty implants.


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