Bp Has Paid Out More Than $1.5 Million In The Wake Of Gasoline Recall

September 11, 2012

BP Has Paid Out More Than $1.5 Million in the Wake of Gasoline Recall

Last month, BP announced the recall of more than 2.1 million gallons of gasoline following substantial reports of drivers experiencing engine troubles. It turned out that gas stations in four states had received “bad” gasoline from the British oil company, which led to an approximate 15,965 claims against the company, as the recall has now amounted to more than 4.7 million gallons. Drivers in Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, and Wisconsin reported experiencing engine difficulties due to the bad gasoline and now as many as 2,315 of those claims have been paid out to the tune of $1,515,740.00 by BP.

State by State

As the majority of the recalled gas originated in Indiana, 59% of the claims filed thus far have come from Indiana drivers. An additional 33% have come from Illinois, and the rest have been reported in Ohio and Wisconsin. While it is difficult to determine a precise number of legitimate claims, BP officials have admitted that the company has received more than 26,000 phone calls about the bad gasoline, and it will continue to settle claims as they come in. However, BP representatives have stated that the number of claims has reduced from the first week, according to the Northwest Indiana Times.

How to Tell If a Car Is Affected

Bad gasoline can result in a variety of troubles.  For instance, the car might hesitate when starting or when the driver presses the accelerator while the car is running. Bad gasoline can cause the engine to stall, which can be very dangerous if the vehicle is operating at high speeds. Additionally, a driver may hear a constant knocking sound, which is commonly referred to as “pinging.”

If you’ve experienced any of these problems or others as a result of using BP gasoline, you may want to check the company’s website to determine if you qualify for a claim or for additional information.

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