Bp Oil Spill Lawsuits Mounting From Louisiana Parishes

May 20, 2010

BP Oil Spill Lawsuits Mounting From Louisiana Parishes

Terrebonne Parish in Louisiana became the first of what is expected to be many parishes to file a lawsuit against British Petroleum, the oil company responsible for last month’s epic and disastrous leak in the Gulf of Mexico. The people of the parish are collectively seeking monetary damages for the area’s wildlife that died as a result of the spill. Analysts have predicted that the Deepwater Horizon spill will be the largest oceanic catastrophe in U.S. history, and many have already admitted that the situation is far worse than anticipated.

The St. Tammany Parish has also since filed a lawsuit for similar reasons against BP, and the Lafourche Parish is expected to soon make a decision to follow the others. While the parishes will handle each suit separately, 60 percent of financial compensation will go into the Louisiana State Conservation Fund.

The damage from the Deepwater Horizon spill has been contradictive thus far, as environmental groups have stated that it already is and will be far worse than expected, but some government groups and representatives of BP claim it is not as bad as expected at this point. It is believed though that clouds of oil remain unseen beneath the ocean surface, and they will soon reach the shores of all states bordering the Gulf of Mexico.

Additional concern was raised this week when the U.S. Coast Guard discovered balls of tar washing up as far south as Key West. At first, the Coast Guard denied that it was related to the oil spill, but it has since been determined that the oil has found its way into major currents and is being transported to areas that were believed to be safe.

The oil spill has already greatly affected travel and tourism industries in Florida, Alabama, Lousiana, Mississippi and Texas. The U.S. government has also scaled back the areas that both commercial and recreational fishing are permitted in. Numerous industries have been and will be hurt financially by this disaster for years to come.

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