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  • depuy hip recall prompts medical legal attention

Surgeons in Ireland, Australia, and all over the United States are calling for much more thorough and efficient monitoring of hip implants after DePuy Orthopedics announced a massive recall of its ASR hip replacement devices in August 2010. The recall came after mounting evidence began to show 13% failure rate for the devices in less than five years after having them implanted.

Over 93,000 people around the world had the DePuy devices implanted, and while about 13% of those patients have experienced serious pain and suffering due to the defective implants, doctors and lawyers are encouraging all patients with the devices to consult with attorneys over their legal rights.

Patients with the devices have not only suffered pain and inflammation from device malfunction, but some have endured metallosis when the grinding of metal parts in the hip implants releases tiny bits of cobalt and chromium into their bloodstream. Metallosis leads to a host of other medical conditions that may not be immediately traced to the failed hip implant. Because of this, surgeons and lawyers recommend that all patients contact an attorney and physician to ensure they will receive compensation for ongoing monitoring of the implanted device in case of future failure.

Because of the increased chance of bone loss, patients receiving the DePut Hip Replacements could be at a greater risk of additional health problems and surgeries over the coming years.


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