Fda Introduces New Restrictions On Tanning Bed Use

March 30, 2010

FDA Introduces New Restrictions on Tanning Bed Use

The Federal Drug Administration has recently made some important changes regarding restrictions on the use of tanning beds. The new restrictions are aimed at tanning clientele who are under the age of 18. The new legislation proposes either a ban on tanning for all minors, or parental consent for those who are underage and wish to utilize tanning bed services.

The reasoning behind the new restrictions are many. The FDA believes that the tanning industry does not do enough in the way of educating their clientele on the true dangers of exposure to ultraviolet light. Being exposed to high levels of this type of light radiation can have ill consequences on the condition of a person’s skin as well as detrimental effects to overall health and well-being.

The human skin, being the largest organ of the human body, is exposed to a variety of damaging chemicals and ultraviolet radiation on a daily basis. When an individual employs the use of a tanning bed, the skin is being further damaged and the repercussions are tremendous. Not only does overexposure to light create wrinkles and prematurely age skin, the dangers of skin cancer rise to unbelievable levels.

Age restrictions on the use of tanning beds seem to be reasonable in the sense that children under the age of 18 do not necessarily have the ability to clearly weigh the benefits and dangers of tanning beds. Teenagers are more concerned with obtaining a tan from this artificial light source than they are the health of their skin and bodies.

The World Health Organization has classified tanning beds as a carcinogen, meaning that tanning bed use is a direct cause of skin cancer. The dangers of excess ultraviolet radiation on the skin have been common knowledge for the past few decades. Unnatural light, as with tanning beds, contributes to a large number of cases of skin cancer in the present, exceeding that of natural sunlight exposure.

In the event that a parent deems tanning beds to be safe for their own children, that parent must give written consent under the new FDA restriction guidelines. Overall, the decisions made by the FDA are reasonable restrictions that should be met by all tanning bed businesses.

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