At Least 1,000 Yuba Bicycles Being Recalled For Dangerous Foot Injury Hazard

March 21, 2013

At Least 1,000 Yuba Bicycles Being Recalled For Dangerous Foot Injury Hazard

 Yuba Bicycles and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission have announced that the California-based manufacturer is recalling approximately 1,000 bicycles over concerns that riders may get their feet stuck in the rear wheels. So far, Yuba and the CPSC have received at least two reports of riders having their feet caught in the rear wheels; however, neither of those reported cases involved injuries.

Manufactured in China, the bicycles in question are the Mundo V4 cargo bikes that feature a wood utility deck mounted on the rear of the bike. The Mundo models were sold throughout the country by bicycle retailers and through the Yuba website between May 2011 and December 2012 for $1,099. The bikes were available in orange, blue and black colors, and are predominantly recognizable by the words “Mundo” and “Yuba” printed on the bicycle’s tubes. The specific serial numbers of the bikes included in this recall fall between ADA11A008000 to ACA12D018000, and those numbers can be found on the kickstand plates.

Yuba is requesting that consumers stop riding the 26-inch Mundo V4 cargo bikes immediately to avoid the possibility of injuries, and to contact the company to order free wheel covers. Yuba representatives can be contacted at (877) 889-9822.

Yuba’s recall, while not nearly as large, is reminiscent of Specialized Bicycle’s January recall that saw approximately 12,200 units affected by defective steering tubes that were responsible for at least two fall incidents, one of which resulted in facial injuries and lacerations.  The company responded by issuing repair notices for a significant amount of its popular Tarmac, Crux and Secteur Disc models.

Both the Yuba and Specialized bicycles are considered high-end products because of their considerable prices, and that serves as a reminder that even the most expensive bicycles can be subject to serious defects and lead to injuries.

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