Playground Slide Blamed For 16 Injuries, Recalled For Fall Risk

March 1, 2012

Playground Slide Blamed for 16 Injuries, Recalled For Fall Risk

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recently announced the voluntary recall of about 900 Slalom Glider playground slides.  According to the recall notice, this playground slide lacks a transition platform on its top and chute sides, which can allow children to fall from the 6-foot high structure and become injured.

Without the chute sides, children must dangle their legs over each side of the slide and grasp the edges behind them to maintain their balance and not fall off as they descend.  Achieving balance on this equipment is complicated by the lack of a transitional platform that would allow children to get into a stable position.

These recalled slides were manufactured by Landscape Structures Inc., a Delano, Minnesota-based commercial playground equipment manufacturer that was founded in 1971.  The manufacturer’s equipment can be found in over 50,000 playgrounds worldwide.  CPSC explains that Landscape Structures has acted in cooperation with the CPSC during this recall.

So far, CPSC has received 16 injury reports about children under the age of eight.  Reported injuries include a bruised arm, 14 arm and leg fractures, a fractured collar bone, and a bruised spleen.

The Slalom Glider is a curved playground slide made from molded plastic.  Children reach the top by climbing an “arched, tubular steel access ladder.”  It can come as a stand-alone product or an attachment to other playground equipment.

Consumers can identify these products by their model numbers, 156456 and 172627.  The slides were sold in a number of color combinations, including red, blue, tan, green, granite, and white.

Manufactured in the United States, these slides were sold to schools and other locations throughout the nation from January 2006 to December 2011.  They cost about $2,300.

CPSC advises consumers to immediately stop children from playing on the recalled playground equipment.  According to the consumer safety resource, owners of the slides will be contacted by the manufacturer with removal instructions.

The recall announcement explains that customers will then “be given the option of replacing the Slalom Glider with another piece of playground equipment, receiving a refund, or receiving credit towards a future purchase.”

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