Recalled Depuy Hip Devices Linked To Metal Poisoning

October 26, 2010

Recalled DePuy Hip Devices Linked To Metal Poisoning

As the DePuy Orthopedics hip recall lawsuits continue to mount, concern is being raised over metal toxicity from the metal on metal parts of the implants. A San Francisco Gate article notes that many patients who received the implants are now or have the potential to suffer symptoms of metal poisoning.

The hip replacement devices in question contain chromium and cobalt, which can enter a patient’s bloodstream quite easily when tiny bits of it are released by constant scraping between metal parts. “Metallic poisoning, called metallosis is among the most damaging side effects of a defective metal on metal hip implant,” the article continued.

Symptoms of metal toxicity from the recalled DePuy hip replacement devices include “vision loss, muscle injury, hip pain, hearing loss and big mild tissue damage,” the article reported. Additional problems occur when the immune system attempts to handle the toxic metal particles. Massive inflammation and fluid buildups can occur, which cause severe pain and require repeated medical attention.

Over 93,000 patients have received the recalled DePuy implants. All patients are encouraged to contact their doctors before the statute of limitations on legal action expires. Many patients could face metal toxicity issues even if they have not yet experienced any problems with the device.


San Francisco Gate Staff. (October 19, 2010) “Law Firm Informing DePuy Hip Recall Patients of Metallic Poisoning Danger.” Retrieved on October 21, 2010 from the San Francisco Gate.

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