Yaz Lawsuits Still On The Rise In Canada, U.s.

March 17, 2010

Yaz lawsuits still on the rise in Canada, U.S.

Two Canadian women have filed a new lawsuit against Bayer AG, the latest in an ever-increasing line of lawsuits over the popular prescription birth control medications Yaz and Yasmin. The plaintiffs are alleging that the German drug manufacturer ignored the dangers and health complications associated with the contraceptive in order to falsely market and advertise for the sake of turning large profits.

The case, considered a “fail to warn” case, has been brought by the women who are encouraging other women who have experienced complications to come forward as well for the sake of a class action lawsuit. More than 300 cases have been filed in U.S. courts, with at least 200 of those being represented in federal consolidation in East St. Louis, Illinois.

Bayer recently released its annual report for 2009, in which it recognized that the expected number of lawsuits filed in regard to Yaz, Yasmin, and similar drugs has reached 1,100 cases, and the company also recognized the five major class action lawsuits – three are in the U.S. and two are in Canada.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration previously warned Bayer about misleading marketing and advertising campaigns, which resulted in 2009’s $20 million corrective advertising and marketing campaign. Yaz’s parent company launched new commercials to include warnings about these dangerous side effects and injuries, however many legal experts predict that as many as 25,000 lawsuits could end up being filed because of Yaz.

Yaz’s key ingredient is drospirenone, which raises the body’s level of potassium. Elevated levels of potassium can lead to serious complications with blood clots and gallstones, thus in turn leading to gallbladder disease. At least 50 deaths have been linked to Yaz and related contraceptive medications.

In 2009, Yaz accounted for more than $1.7 billion in profit for Bayer. Yaz is the leading brand of prescription female contraception in North America.

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