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Bridgestone Tire Lawsuit Lawyer

Catastrophic tire failure can lead to serious injuries or even death. This is especially true on highways or interstates, where vehicles travel at high rates of speed. If a defective Bridgestone tire caused your car crash and injuries, you may be eligible to file a lawsuit to hold the tire manufacturer liable for your damages. This is true if the tire failure occurred on your vehicle or someone else’s. A Bridgestone tire lawsuit lawyer can help you understand your options for compensation.

At Newsome Melton, we are not afraid to take on Bridgestone or any other major tire company. If a defective product caused you to suffer injuries or financial damages, we can help you hold the manufacturer responsible. We offer free case evaluations and can advise you about your options for compensation based on the facts of your case. A defective tire lawyer will represent you throughout the process, recovering the money you deserve.

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Can I Hold Bridgestone Liable for My Injuries?

If a defective Bridgestone tire caused your wreck, you have a legal right to file a claim and hold the company responsible for the damages you suffered. We can help you understand which legal options are available to you. We will help guide you in the best decision for you and your family.

In addition to filing for compensation from Bridgestone, we may also hold other parties responsible for their role in your incident. This could include the automaker, the tire retailer, the distributor, or even the shop that installed the tire.

Strict Liability and Defective Tire Cases

Product liability law may not require us to prove negligence. There may be no need to show how Bridgestone failed to uphold reasonable and safe practices during the manufacturing process. Instead, we rely on strict liability to prove our case. To hold Bridgestone liable under the strict liability legal doctrine, we must prove the tire had a defect and it caused your wreck and injuries.

Of course, we still need to investigate your car crash to determine exactly why and how the tire failed. We will need to identify the defect and collect all available evidence to show the manufacturer should be liable. Because no manufacturer wants to admit its products have a defect, we need a solid case to convince Bridgestone to pay out the money you deserve. If the company refuses, we can file a lawsuit to pursue compensation in court.

Identifying Tire Defects

Almost any defect in design, manufacturing, or even installation can cause a tire to fail. We will investigate your case to understand what happened. We will search for evidence to show poor design, bad materials or components, lax safety testing, poor manufacturing standards, or another cause of failure.

In some cases, we may uncover an open recall for your defective tire or discover that there is a known defect. Bridgestone publishes its tire recall information online. But even if your tire is not subject to a recall, we can still pursue a case if we can prove a defect existed.

Tire manufacturers have to put products through rigorous safety and reliability testing before selling them to consumers. Additional testing continues after the tires hit the market. If any of these tests uncover dangerous defects, manufacturers have a responsibility to let the public know.

After unreported defects cost hundreds of lives in the 1990s, Bridgestone subsidiary Firestone finally recalled millions of defective tires in 2000. This issue prompted the passage of Transportation Recall Enhancement, Accountability, and Documentation (TREAD) Act. This law requires all tire manufacturers to report any defects to distributors and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Still, there is no central repository for these reports available to the general public.

What Are Some Common Ways Tire Defects Occur?

Tire defects occur in many ways. It can be difficult to know if a tire is defective or if something else caused the wreck without a full investigation. Most commonly, we see defects appear as:

  • Manufacturing issues, such as poor-quality rubber;
  • Tire bead failures and de-beading;
  • Tread separation;
  • Tread shredding;
  • Tread chunking;
  • Sidewall perforations;
  • Sidewall zipper failures;
  • Failed tire adhesion; and
  • Wheel explosions.

How Can I Reach Newsome Melton About My Bridgestone Tire Lawsuit?

Newsome Melton offers free case evaluations. We can help you understand if you have a valid claim for compensation against Bridgestone. We will fight for the money you deserve, no matter how complex your case. No company is too large. We will go toe-to-toe with Bridgestone to recover the compensation owed to you. Call us today at 888-808-5977 to get started.

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