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6 Types Of Defective Tires To Be Aware Of For Your Car

The quality of a motor vehicle’s tires is one of the most important aspects in regard to safety on the road. When the tires are old, worn, or defective, the dangers of roadway incidents drastically escalate. In respect to defective tires, a vehicle operator may not realize that there is a problem with the tires until the actual defect shows itself through incident or accident.

Manufacturer Liability

When a vehicle owner purchases tires the assumption that is usually made is that the product itself will be safe and reliable. This is not always the case. Especially in the area of defective tires, a seemingly minor tire problem could result in serious injury. Tire manufacturers have a duty and obligation to their customers to produce quality and reliable tires. When this promise and trust are broken, the manufacturer is liable for any cost and damages that may have occurred as a result.

Common Defects

Some of the common defects routinely found in tires are age-related rubber wear, low tread, and tread separation. The overall age and wear on the tire can account for the majority of problematic tire defects. The best way to avoid potentially disastrous issues with defective tires is to read any and all manufacturer guidelines for use. Replacing tires when they are worn out is also an excellent way to keep safe on the road.

Product Warnings

The lack of sufficient product warnings from the manufacturer also pose safety issues in regards to defective tires. In the event that the manufacturer does not specify safety warnings and precautions for its customers regarding the tires, the consumer may not be aware of the proper care and use of the product. This could ultimately lead to further problems with safety.

Direct Manufacturer Defect

Defective tires can be separated into several different types of problems. First, there is the direct manufacturer defect. This problem is due to the mistakes made during the manufacturing of the tires. When a manufacturer is responsible for a tire defect, the problem may expand to many other vehicle owners due to the large volume of tires manufacturers produce at one specific production line.

Design Flaws

Another type of tire defect can be traced back to design flaws. In this case, the defect was incorporated into the design of the tire due to poor oversight of the tire specifications. When a design flaw is the defect culprit, the tire is unable to properly function effectively on the road and therefore may create dangerous driving circumstances.


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