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Firestone Tire Lawsuit Lawyer

A defective tire can become deadly in the blink of an eye. When a tire fails suddenly, you might lose control and crash. You and your passengers are at risk of serious injury, and so are the occupants of the cars around you. Through no fault of your own, you might be involved in a major car wreck.

If a car crash occurred when a defective Firestone tire failed, everyone who suffered injuries in the wreck may be able to hold Bridgestone/Firestone liable for their damages. In addition, depending on the defect in the tire, other parties may share in the liability. This could include the automaker, the tire distributor, or the retailer that installed the tires.

At Newsome Melton, our legal team can help you file a product liability lawsuit if a Firestone tire caused your crash. We offer free case evaluations and will pursue compensation for you if we believe you have a viable case. You can reach a Firestone tire lawsuit lawyer today at 888-808-5977.

Liability for a Crash That Occurred Because of a Firestone Tire Defect

All manufacturers must meet strict testing guidelines to ensure products are safe before they reach consumers. Tire companies must conduct testing to prove the tires meet rigorous standards. If a tire company fails to do so or fails to identify an issue with its tires, it may be liable for any injuries that result.

The Transportation Recall Enhancement, Accountability, and Documentation (TREAD) Act also requires tire manufacturers to report any defects they learn about to the public, to distributors, and to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). This law went into effect in reaction to the Firestone tire recall in 2000.

Still, too many crash victims find out their tires have a defect after they cause a crash. The tire’s tread separates on the highway or quickly loses pressure for another reason. Your vehicle rolls over, or you lose control and hit another car. You may run off the road or down an embankment. You suffer injuries in the catastrophic crash and may miss weeks or months of work.

If this happens to you—and we can prove the tire had a defect and this caused your crash—we can hold Firestone liable for your damages. This could include money to pay your medical bills, cover your lost wages, and provide for other losses.

Getting Compensation With a Defective Tire Claim

When we review your case, we can tell you if strict liability laws entitle you to legal compensation based on the facts of your case. If we believe you have a case against Firestone or another tire company, we can file a lawsuit and negotiate a fair settlement out of court. In some cases, we may need to file a lawsuit to recover the money you deserve.

Before we can get you the compensation you need, we must prove:

  • A tire failure caused your crash; and
  • The failure occurred as a result in the design, manufacturing, or installation of the product.

Sometimes, we will utilize crash reconstruction specialists and other experts to understand how and why your crash occurred and determine exactly how the tire failed.
We have the resources available to thoroughly investigate your crash and uncover any:

  • Design defects;
  • Faulty materials;
  • Poor manufacturing practices;
  • Improper installation techniques; or
  • Other negligent actions that led to a defective tire.

Once we have a solid case against Firestone, their parent company Bridgestone, or the distributor of the tires, we can collect evidence to prove the full value of your damages. This will include medical bills, receipts, and other documentation of your related expenses.

Firestone Has a History of Tire Defects and Recalls

Firestone was a part of one of the most famous—and largest—tire recalls in history. Announced in August of 2000, Firestone recalled all ATX, ATX II, and Wilderness AT tires in the P235/75R15 size manufactured in their plant in Decatur, Illinois.
Because Ford outfitted most of their Explorers and other light trucks with the tires, this recall brought major scrutiny to Firestone. At the time, Firestone estimated this recall included as many as 6.5 million tires still in use.

This recall tarnished Firestone’s reputation and cost them millions of dollars. The company has had a few recalls since that time, including a 2016 recall of Firestone FS561 truck tires. If you believe your vehicle may have defective tires, you can check the Bridgestone/Firestone website for recalled models.

If a tire failure caused your crash, you do not need to wait for Firestone to issue a recall on your tires before you can pursue compensation.

Common Tire Defects

There are a number of ways a tire can fail. Almost any manufacturing defect can cause major issues with the integrity of the tire and lead to tread separation or another problem. Some of the most common reasons we see tires fail include:

  • Poor design;
  • Issues with quality control;
  • Bead failures;
  • Tread separation;
  • Tire chunking and shredding;
  • Failed tire adhesion;
  • Sidewall failures;
  • Problems with the rubber compound; and
  • Other causes of defects.

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