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We’re often contacted about out of State product liability cases. One of the first questions we ask is about the statutes of limitations. To help answer these questions we use a chart that we’ve developed over the years that outlines the statutes of limitations for all 50 states.

We thought our chart might be helpful to other lawyers asking the same questions, so we decided to post it on our site. Specifically, the chart contains an outline of the applicable the statutes of limitations for negligence/personal injury claims, products liability claims, medical malpractice claims, and wrongful death claims for the 50 states. The chart also includes information regarding government notice requirements as well as the statutes of repose for both products liability and real estate improvements claims.

It should go without saying, but anyone reading the chart should know it’s not intended to constitute legal advice. The application of a statute of limitations, statute of repose, or any similar legal bar to recovery is a complicated and can be highly technical. There are a host of issues that can make analyzing the statute of limitations for a particular case complicated including the facts of the case, ambiguities of specific statutes, case law or a variety of other factors. So DO NOT RELY ON THIS CHART. Seriously, it’s just a place to start your own research. And if you’re a consumer, hire a lawyer to get a real legal opinion.

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OK, enough with the disclaimers. We like our chart and think it’s a handy tool for our attorney friends to help evaluate SOLs. We’re going to finish and update this periodically so check back in a few weeks for the final product. Please also let us know if you have any input on whether how we can improve this tool. Click here to access the Statutes of Limitations Chart or see below.