Honda Airbag Recall

Honda is one of 19 automakers with vehicles that are subject to the Takata recall. This page contains information about the recall of Honda vehicles equipped with Takata airbags.   

Honda Airbag Recall Quick Facts:

 Honda has more vehicles subject to the Takata recall than any other automaker.

  • Honda recommends consumers stop driving certain models immediately.
  • Consumers can take recalled vehicles to a Honda or Acura dealership for a free repair.
  • More Takata-related deaths have occurred in Honda vehicles (19 globally; 13 in the U.S.) than any other automaker.

Updated March 2, 2018

Source: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Honda

Honda Airbag Recall by the Numbers:

  • 26 Honda and Acura models contain Takata airbags subject to the recall.
  • 9 million Honda and Acura vehicles are part of the recall.
  • 5 million airbags in Honda and Acura vehicles are part of the recall.

Updated March 2, 2018

Source: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Honda

List of Honda and Acura Vehicles With Recalled Takata Airbags




Accord (2001-2012)

3.2CL (2003)

Civic (2001-2011)

3.2TL (2002-2003)

Civic Hybrid (2003-2011)

ILX (2013-2016)

Civic NGV (2001-2011)

ILX Hybrid (2013-2014)

Crosstour (2010-2015)

MDX (2003-2006)

CR-V (2002-2011)

RDX (2007-2016)

CR-Z (2011-2015)

RL (2005-2012)

Element (2003-2011)

TL (2009-2014)

FCX Clarity (2010-2014)     

TSX (2009-2014)

Fit (2007-2013)

ZDX (2010-2013)

Fit EV (2013-2014)


Insight (2010-2014)


Odyssey (2002-2004)


Pilot (2003-2015)


Ridgeline (2006-2014)



If your vehicle is on this list, you can confirm you have an open recall by using our Airbag Recall Lookup Tool. You will need to know your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) to use this search.

Stop Driving These Honda and Acura Models Immediately

 Certain Honda and Acura vehicles contain “alpha” inflators. An alpha inflator is especially vulnerable to rupture during deployment, with rupture rates as high as 50 percent, according to Honda which cites the NHTSA and Takata.

Takata’s defective airbags are vulnerable to moisture, such as in warm and humid climates, which degrades the ammonium nitrate compound that Takata used in the inflator. During deployment, the degraded compound may cause an explosion, which shatters the airbag mechanism and shoots metal shrapnel towards vehicle occupants. The longer the inflators are exposed to moisture, the higher the risk.

Thus, the vehicles identified below as containing alpha inflators are older model Honda and Acura vehicles. If you own or lease one of these vehicles anywhere in the United States, stop driving it immediately. Only drive the vehicle to the dealership for repairs.

  • 2001-2002 Honda Accord
  • 2001-2002 Honda Civic
  • 2002 Honda CR-V
  • 2002 Honda Odyssey
  • 2003 Honda Pilot
  • 2002-2003 Acura 3.2TL
  • 2003 Acura 3.2CL

 Take Action If You Have an Open Recall on Your Honda

If your vehicle has an open recall, contact a local Honda or Acura dealership to schedule a repair. The dealership will perform the repair free of charge.

Honda says it has replacement parts for all Honda and Acura models with open recalls.

Honda Airbag Repair Rates

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Honda had repaired or replaced approximately 12 million of the 16.4 million airbags subject to the recall as of March 2, 2018. This means that there are still 4.5 million unrepaired airbags in Honda vehicles.

Honda’s Airbag Class Action Lawsuit

Honda is one of several automakers to reach a class action settlement agreement. Per terms of the settlement, owners or lessees of Honda vehicles that are subject to the Takata recall may receive the following benefits:

  • Rental car
  • Reimbursement of out-of-pocket costs during repairs (e.g., rental costs)
  • Potential residual distributions

 Takata Airbag-Related Deaths Associated With Honda Vehicles

According to media reports, there have been 19 deaths globally associated with Takata airbags in Honda vehicles as of March 2, 2018. That includes 13 deaths in the United States, five deaths in Malaysia, and one death in Australia.



Date of Accident



Midwest City, Oklahoma

May 27, 2009

2001 Honda Accord


Richmond, Virginia

December 24, 2009

2001 Honda Accord

New York Times

Alhambra, California

September 13, 2013

2002 Acura TL

New York Times


July 27, 2014

2003 Honda City


Los Angeles County, California

September 7, 2014

2001 Honda Civic

LA Times

Orlando, Florida

September 29, 2014

2001 Honda Accord

Orlando Sentinel

Spring, Texas

January 18, 2015

2002 Honda Accord

Houston Press

Lafayette, Louisiana

April 15, 2015

2005 Honda Accord

New York Times

Mercer County, Pennsylvania

July 22, 2015

2001 Honda Accord

Chicago Tribune

Fort Bend County, Texas

March 31, 2016

2002 Honda Civic



April 16, 2016

2006 Honda City

CBS News


May 1, 2016

2003 Honda City

CBS News

Hialeah, Florida

June 18, 2016

2001 Honda Accord

LA Times


September 24, 2016

2009 Honda City

CBS News

Corona, California

September 30, 2016

2001 Honda Civic


Baton Rouge, Louisiana

July 10, 2017

2004 Honda Civic (02 Airbag)

LA Times


July 13, 2017

2007 Honda CR-V

CBS News

Holiday, Florida

July 19, 2017

2002 Honda Accord

Associated Press


January 1, 2018

2004 Honda City

Associated Press


Injured Parties May Pursue a Lawsuit

Parties injured because of a defective airbag may have grounds for legal action. Newsome Melton handles complex civil litigation on behalf of victims with severe injuries and families who lost a loved one in an accident related to a defective product. Call us at 888-808-5977 to review your case.


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