The Dirty Secret About The Takata Airbag Recall

Orlando, FL – Last week 40 million more cars were recalled because of exploding Takata airbags. The recall now affects around one out of every four cars in America, making it by far the largest recall in history. But the dirty truth about the recall is that sitting here today, it’s impossible for anyone to find out if their car is part of the recall. Impossible.

Which is absurd.

Explained in the short video below is the history about the problem, the ridiculous lack of information that’s been made public, the insider deal that Takata has made with the government, and some possible solutions on the horizon. In the meantime, if you want to stay up to speed on latest developments and what you can do to ensure that you and your family are not put at risk, sign up here to get updates on all the latest news and what action you can take.

First, some background.

Because Takata used a cheap and highly volatile explosive chemical called ammonium nitrate in their airbags, which becomes unstable when it’s exposed to humidity over time, when the car is in even a small fender bender the airbags are prone to explode with too much force shattering the inflator canister and sending metal shrapnel into the driver and passenger’s face and neck.

Even though several people died and a bunch of other people were seriously injured, Takata kept this whole thing quiet for years by secretly settling out of court with the people who were hurt and concealing what they knew — and actually lying about it to the government and the public.

Then, in the summer of 2014, after a Takata airbag killed a woman here in Orlando and a local young man named Corey Burdick was blinded by shrapnel, Senator Bill Nelson decided to hold Senate hearings and hauled Takata and other auto industry executives before a Senate committee where they were grilled about the defect. After that they decided to do a recall, but it was only limited to certain vehicles.

Since then, over the last 18 months, after more political and media pressure, they expanded the recall several times. Last week they expanded the recall again to an additional 40 million vehicles bringing the total to around 70 million vehicles.

This recall is so big that roughly one out of 4 cars in America have been recalled. So how can you tell if your vehicle is on the recall list???

And here’s the Dirty Truth: At least for now, you can’t.

Even though your car might have a defective airbag, even today, there’s no way you can know.

With any other recall, as soon as it happens the car company is supposed to send out a recall notice.

But under a deal that National Highway Traffic Safety Administration NHTSA just cut with Takata, they’re going to string out the recall over the next two and a half years and not send out recall notices to everyone who has a defective airbag until the end of 2019. Why? The simple truth is that they can’t recall and make the number of airbags needed fast enough.

What You Can Do

1) The NHTSA has created a website that they claim in the coming weeks, will allow consumers to visit, put in a car’s VIN number, and check to see if the car is on the recall list. But don’t hold your breath. No one knows for sure if or when the entire list of vehicle affected by the recall will ever be on the government website.

2) Sign up for our breaking alerts at to get the latest updates and courses of action for you to take. We will follow this recall story daily and send out alerts to anyone who signs up for our website with information people need to know about the recall to protect their families and make good decisions.

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