Vw Recalls 576,921 Audi Vehicles; Potentially Faulty Inflators And Coolant-pumps Pose Fire Risk

VW Recalls 576,921 Audi Vehicles Due to Potential Fire Risk

As Volkswagen works to resolve their massive 2016 diesel emissions cheating scandal, recalls continue to plague the company’s reputation. At the end of January, Volkswagen announced 342,867 potentially faulty coolant-pumps may go up in flames and 234,054 airbag inflators can rupture, posing a fatality hazard. The faulty airbag inflators are not connected to the massive Takata recall that touched almost every major automaker around the globe, including VW and Audi, but the results can be similar. Fortunately, no injuries have been reported.

Volkswagen reported several international incidents where the airbag inflators in their line of Audi Q5 SUVs, assembled from May 2010 to August 2016, can rupture “without airbag deployment, propelling fragments into the passenger compartment.” The inflators were made by iSi Automotive Austria and according to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) the fragments can cause “serious injury to vehicle occupants.” Documents state that the Q5 SUVs water drainage system can become damaged, leading to water penetrating the airbag inflators and causing corrosion.

Audi Models Affected by Recall

The possibly defective coolant pumps in question, found in Audi A4 sedans, A5 cabriolets, A5 coupes, A6 sedans, Q5 SUVs, and A4 Allroad wagons, were assembled between April 2011 and December 2016. Volkswagen told the NHTSA that all of the affected models “were equipped with a 2.0L TFSI engine” and that the coolant pump can be “locked by debris.” The debris can then build up to the point of overheating the pump, causing a fire risk. VW said Audi dealers will install new software that can detect overheating in the pump free of charge. The software will immediately shut down the power supply to prevent a fire. The driver will then be instructed to take their vehicle in for service.

The two recalls come on the heels of VW’s $4.3 billion settlement with U.S. authorities for violations of the Clean Air Act. The Justice Department also announced the indictment of six current and former executives. Insiders estimate the emissions cheating scandal could end up costing the company more than $20 billion in addition to the massive damage done to their brand. Earlier in January VW also recalled more than 130,000 vehicles because of a potentially faulty braking system.

What to Do if Your Audi Has Been Recalled

Volkswagen said owners of a recently recalled Audi vehicle will be contacted in February. In a statement the German automaker said that they will either replace the damaged inflator or seal them in wax to prevent a hazardous rupture based on the condition. Authorities are advising owners of an affected model to bring their Audi to a dealership immediately to determine if their vehicle is safe to drive.

To see if your vehicle has been recalled see: https://consumerwatch.com/vehicle-recall-checker-by-vin-check-vehicle-recalls/

To contact Audi call: (800) 253-2834

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