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Bayer Releases New Birth Control Pill Despite Ongoing Legal Battles

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Bayer Releases New Birth Control Pill Despite Ongoing Legal Battles

In late September of 2010, Bayer announced the release of a new FDA-approved birth control pill containing the same contentious ingredient as Yaz and Yasmin. Lawsuits against the company over alleged dangerous side effects - including pulmonary embolism and deep vein thrombosis - have increased to over 3,000 plaintiffs.

An article in the Daily Titan from April of 2010 reported on two 2009 British Medical Journal studies that found a 6.3 times greater risk of blood clots for women using Yaz, Yasmin, or Ocella. Bayer and the FDA have apparently chosen to continue promoting the dangerous ingredients of the birth control pills in spite of mounting legal battles in the US. The generic version of Yaz, Ocella, has been associated with strokes and heart attacks. Some women have also reported Yaz-related gallbladder problems.

Two articles published by Newsome Law Firm highlight the misleading advertising Bayer used to convince young women to use Yaz and Yasmin. Commercials for the drugs promised women that Yaz and Yasmin would alleviate acne and a host of PMS symptoms. The FDA warned Bayer against continuing to advertise the drugs for uses it had not been approved for and the company spent $20 million making corrections to their advertising.

Yet, the FDA apparently forgot about its previous concerns over the dangers of Yaz and Yasmin as evidenced by its flagrant approval of Beyaz in the midst of growing concern and pending lawsuits against Bayer for knowingly marketing and selling a dangerous drug without full disclosure to consumers.


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