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Can I Sue for a Defective Product If I’m Not Injured?

Thousands of product liability claims are filed in the United States every year. Many are high-profile cases that involve serious physical harm to individuals. Others entail a defective product that damages property or the economic interests of a business that uses it.... Read more
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How to File a Product Liability Claim in Orlando

There are thousands of product liability cases filed every year. These result from injury caused by products, from personal items to household appliances and automotive parts. Each case is unique, as are the outcomes. One thing they all have in common is... Read more
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Whom Can I Sue for a Defective Product?

When you purchase a product, you expect it to work as promised. When it doesn’t, the simple solution is to return it and get a new item or a refund. But what if the product is defective and leads to... Read more