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Civil Litigation Lawyer

Motions for summary judgment, Daubert motions, even big motions in limine. When they are important to your case, it is important to make sure that they are well-written, thorough and preserve issues for appeal. Let us help you achieve these goals. Working closely with a team member, we will go over the issues with you, conduct the research and draft the motion or response. Our job is to mind the details and put together the strongest written product possible. Our team has strong, persuasive oral advocacy skills so, depending on your preference, we can also handle the argument at the hearing. Call today and ask to speak to Maegen Peek Luka to get your projects underway.

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Civil Litigation Lawyer Orlando
Trial Support 1

Trial Support

Starting BEFORE trial, let us assist you to make your case run smoothly. In addition to handling major motion practice and motions in limine, we can handle your jury instructions and verdict form and assist with selection of questions for juror questionnaires. Our assistance is not just on paper though. We can attend trial, including a voir dire conduct by you or conducted by Newsome Melton, on a daily basis or be available remotely for in-trial questions. In addition, we can handle the charge conference, which frees you up to prepare your closing argument. Our services are a la carte—we will meet your needs. Our job is to make your job easier and help ensure that your appellate record is preserved. Call today to speak with a civil litigation lawyer to check for availability and discuss your trial support needs.

Post-trial motions and appeals

Even when we do not assist at trial, it is much easier to handle an appeal when we are called on to assist in addressing the post-trial motions. A strong post-trial motion response is a critical foundation for protecting your verdict on appeal. Whether it is a JNOV, motion for new trial, or motion for remittitur, let our experienced team collaborate with you to create the most effective post-trial motion response. And don’t forget the all-important motion for fees and costs, Maegen Peek Luka is one of the state’s most experienced PFS lawyers and she will help take your motion across the finish line (or beat back the defense motion if things did not go so well).

Sometimes there is no post-trial motion and the defense simply takes up the appeal. Or maybe you handled the post-trial motion and want to hand the appeal over to a specialist. Our team has handled appeals throughout the state and is prepared to help you keep your judgment.

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Collaborative Trial Assistance

Two heads are always better than one. At Newsome Melton, we have extensive experience working with referring lawyers to help bring their cases to trial—or position them for a significantly higher settlement. Every case is different, so we can offer as little or as much assistance as your case requires. We can work quietly in the background to offer assistance, file a notice of appearance and participate with discovery practice, and even co-counsel at trial. Call today to talk with us about your case and your trial assistance needs.

Jury Selection

It is often said that cases are won or lost the moment the jury is empaneled. One bad juror can be the kiss of death for even the greatest case. Rich Newsome has been selecting juries for over three decades and is a never-ending student of the art of voir dire. If you have the trial covered and just need assistance selecting a jury, let our experienced team, led by Rich, use technology, caselaw and experience to select the best jury for your case. Call today to check for availability and consult about your case.
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