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About Us

We Get Answers

At the Newsome Melton Law Firm, we don’t just try cases, we get answers. We know: all lawyers do that. But in fact, it’s not that simple. Most law firms are built around volume practices. That means they take many cases, hoping to settle each as quickly as possible. For a lot of clients, especially those with relatively minor injuries, that’s good enough. But for those who have suffered the most severe sort of harm, it’s not. Their cases are complex, often pitting them against large companies that can hire top-flight legal talent to defend them. The cases are expensive to try, requiring expert testimony, detailed investigations, and enormous amounts of preparation, determination, and commitment. They demand resources most firms just can’t – and won’t – muster. The result: the most crucial issues and questions can go unanswered.

We don’t let that happen. By carefully choosing our cases – trying just a handful at any given time – we’re able to give every matter we take on the resources it needs. The strategy has been hugely successful. Over the years, we’ve built a reputation for litigating the hardest cases against the most powerful defendants. We’ve obtained dozens of million-dollar verdicts and settlements. But more importantly, we’ve changed corporate behavior, and made consumers safer. The discoveries we’ve made while trying our cases have resulted in the recall of millions of defective products.

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Other firms tout their recoveries, but we’re most proud of our “uncoverings” – exposing dangerous products and getting them off the market.

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Complex Cases, Huge Verdicts

The cases we handle are complicated, often highly technical matters against powerful, deep-pocketed opponents that can give any trial lawyer a good workout. We’ve been able to stand up to and beat back the challenge because we bring two key advantages to the table. First and foremost, we’ve mastered the nuanced, often tricky areas of law our work involves. But just as importantly, we understand how our opponents think. That’s because we’ve been in their shoes.

Earlier in their careers, all of our attorneys represented companies similar to those we go up against today. They’ve represented major automobile manufacturers, and top- tier health providers. They learned the strategies, tactics, and diversions the best defense lawyers rely on – and how to overcome them. All of them decided that their dedication, and talents, could be better served helping the victims of catastrophic accidents.

Back then, their experience was eye-opening. Today, it’s a competitive advantage. It lets us not only understand our cases, but the thinking – and strategies – of our opponents and that’s an edge we leverage every day.

We Build Life-long Relationships

A lot of law firms will tell you how they resemble a family – lawyers, paralegals, and secretaries all working closely together, for years on end. We think that’s a good start. At Newsome Law Firm, our family is just a little bit bigger, because it always includes our clients.

We don’t pat ourselves on the back because we take your call. We know that for the cases we handle, and the people we work with – individuals and families who have suffered unimaginable loss – the attorney-client relationship has to be closer than that. Because we take just a few cases at any one time, we can give every matter, and every client, the proper attention. That means we don’t just take a call. We sit down with clients, we advise and counsel, we ask for their input, we work as a team.

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Dedicated to the Art of Trial Advocacy

Our relationships with clients don’t just soothe feelings. They win cases. By working closely with our clients, and regularly meeting with them, we learn more about the events and circumstances that changed their lives. We pick up on seemingly small details that, in the end, often make all the difference.

We’re able to better direct investigations that can turn up crucial evidence, or create strategies that prove more effective in the courtroom. You see, our lawyers all have one thing in common. They’re not just there for you. They’re there with you.


Clients and co-counsel partners rely on us to win & we do.


What Our Clients Are Saying

five stars
  • “The entire law firm is awesome! My attorney, Frank Melton, truly cares about his clients. He is very knowledgeable and great at what he does. He gives direct access to contact him any time you have a question or concern about your case. They answer every question and explain the process so that you understand what is going on. They don’t speak in only legal terms or make you feel dumb for asking questions. The entire office is very friendly, caring, and professional. I highly recommended Frank and his team.”

  • The service and professional care I received at Newsome Melton was exceptional. From the beginning, we knew that our case was going to be a challenge because of the very unique details but my attorney Jesse and the Newsome Melton team pulled through. Experiencing something like what we went through was not easy, but the work of the Newsome Melton team has helped to ease that burden. There was no call or email that was left unanswered. One of the main partners of the firm, Frank Melton, went over every intricacy of my case and my attorney made all of the legal jargon easy to understand. As a client your best interest is their best interest. I would highly recommend this firm.

    ROY & GWEN C.