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Which Hondas Are Being Recalled For Airbags?

Some Honda and Acura vehicles have defective Takata airbags on both the driver and passenger side, while others only have them on one side or the other. The following vehicles are part of the recall: Honda Acura 2001-2012 Honda Accord... Read more
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The Recall System is “Completely Broken”

Defective recalled tires that should have pulled from service often remain on the road, causing crashes, injuries and deaths. A broken tire recall system is to blame. How do recalled tires stay on the road? How do recalled tires stay... Read more
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What Are The Statute Of Limitations For Each State?

We’re often contacted about out of State product liability cases. One of the first questions we ask is about the statutes of limitations. To help answer these questions we use a chart that we’ve developed over the years that outlines... Read more