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  • Autonomous Commercial Trucks 2016 Autonomous Vehicle Symposium Driverless Cars

Truck Accident Lawyer Orlando

Truck Accident Lawyer Orlando Semi-trucks and other large commercial vehicles are dangerous for an obvious reason: they are huge and heavy. Because of their immense size, these vehicles can cause horrific crashes that leave people maimed and paralyzed—if they survive... Read more
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  • nhtsa announces expanded takata airbag recalls

Takata Airbag Update: More Recalls on the Horizon?

Takata airbags have been linked to injuries and deaths dating back to the early 2000s. But the life-threatening defect was kept out of the national spotlight for years, as incidents were settled out of court. As a result, the defect... Read more
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  • robinhood tort

Investigating Robinhood Class Action

If you haven’t already seen the news, earlier this morning online trading platform Robinhood prevented its account holders from purchasing shares of Gamestop.  Robinhood has been the platform of choice of younger retail traders who are members of the Wall... Read more
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  • 9 ways to improve your own automobile safety

9 Ways to Improve Your Own Automobile Safety

Automobiles are an integral part of our daily lives. They bring us to work, take our children to school, and they are often the source of leisure and pride for countless people. It is easy to forget and ignore how... Read more