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Target Recalls Strollers, Benches, and Scooters Due To Fall Hazards

Target Recalls Strollers, Benches, and Scooters Due To Fall Hazards

Product Safety News: Target Recalls Strollers, Benches, and Scooters

After receiving 26 reports of children sustaining injuries from one of their products, Britax Child Safety Inc. has announced the recall of 717,000 strollers in North America. At the time of the recall Britax told the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) that they’ve found 1,337 strollers that contain a “damaged Click & Go receiver mount.” The mounts, manufactured in China, allow the stroller to be converted into a car seat. But if not working properly they can cause the seat to disconnect from the stroller and fall to the ground with no warning. Of the 26 children who fell, there were alleged bruises, cuts, scrapes, and incidents of head traumas.

The recall affects more than a hundred models of Britax’s “B-Agile” and “BOB Motion” strollers (to check your model number see below) sold at Target and other nationwide retailers including Babies R Us and online at The model number can be located on the stroller’s metal frame by the back wheel in single strollers and on the underside in double strollers. The recalled products were sold for $250 to $470 between May 2011 and February 2017.

Previous Target Recalls

Earlier this month Target recalled around 1,300 of their Threshold patio benches over concerns that they can “collapse while in use, posing a fall hazard to consumers.” The aluminum and steel benches were sold as a standalone and as part of a six-piece set exclusively at Target stores and on between January 2016 and July 2016.  The benches were sold for $150 and the set was around $1,000. Target told the CPSC that consumers can return the bench for a refund. In January 2017, Target also recalled 8,000 electronic scooters made for children because a joint connecting the wheel and axle could allegedly disconnect leading to another fall hazard.

Owners of a recalled Britax stroller are being told to immediately stop using the “Click & Go” receiver mounts. According to Britax, once the mount is discarded the stroller or car seat can be used safely as independent units. Consumers with an affected stroller are being instructed to contact Britax for a free repair kit.

To contact Britax call: (844) 227-0300 or email:

To see if your Britax stroller model number has been recalled see:

To contact Target call: (800) 440-0680


Target Recalls Nearly 150,000 Giada De Laurentiis Lasagna Pans For Laceration Hazard

Target Recalls Nearly 150,000 Giada De Laurentiis Lasagna Pans For Laceration Hazard

People who cook in the kitchen have to be cautious and aware of what they’re doing to prevent dangerous situations. Forgetting to turn an oven off, chopping vegetables with a sharp knife or failing to keep an eye on the pot of boiling water can lead to serious injuries and can potentially damage a family’s home. For owners of Giada De Laurentiis lasagna pans, now there’s an additional hazard in the kitchen that has already resulted in several injuries.

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