The legal definition and meaning of defective manufacture refers to a hazardous or dangerous product caused by something going wrong in the manufacturing process. When manufacturers make errors, products can hit the market with flaws and defects, some of which have the potential to cause injury to the end user. For instance, a bicycle with loose parts might come apart while ridden. If this happens at a high rate of speed or on a steep incline or decline, serious injuries to the rider may result.

Causes of Manufacturing Defects

Most manufacturing defects occur for one of two reasons. One, the materials used are of poor quality. Two, the workmanship is substandard.

Poor Quality Materials

To save on their bottom line, some manufacturers have been known to skimp on material quality. Believing it can save them money without affecting the finished product, they purchase cheaper components from questionable suppliers.

Unfortunately, poor quality materials do affect the finished product, sometimes in critical ways. A manufacturer is liable when it puts a product made of low-quality materials on the market and the product injures a user.

Poor Workmanship

Manufacturing defects also happen when the workers putting a product together do not excel at their craft. Several causes might contribute to substandard workmanship: laziness, lack of training, lack of experience, or poor supervision of workers.

The Difference Between Defective Manufacture and Defective Design

Most defective products happen either due to manufacturing or design errors. Either way, the manufacturer is liable for injuries that result from the product defect.

But how can you tell whether the error that led to a defective product occurred at the design stage or at the manufacturing stage? One way is to answer this question: Would the defect still be present if the product was properly built?

Defective Design

If the answer is yes, then the flaw most likely resulted from a design defect. Design defects are inherent. They enter the equation before the manufacturing process even begins. The manufacturing team can assemble the products exactly to standard, and the product will still be defective, as the standard itself is the problem.

Defective Manufacture

If the answer is no, then the problem is almost certainly a manufacturing defect. A manufacturing defect by definition occurs when a mistake during production causes the finished product to differ from the design. In other words, if correctly building a product eliminates the flaw, then clearly the problem is not with the design of the product, but with the manufacturing process.

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