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Did you know that more than 173,000 RV tires have been recalled by the Goodyear brand as of 2022? If you are the owner of an RV and you have Goodyear tires, you might be wondering if this may be a problem for you. More importantly, what should you do if your exact tires have been involved in a product recall?

Usually, products are only recalled if they have been shown to be defective or potentially dangerous in some way. In some cases, it may be beneficial to hire a lawyer to help you through this complicated issue. The Goodyear tire recall is no laughing matter, so keep reading and learn more about what you should do if you happen to be affected by this recall. 

What You Need to Know About the Goodyear Tire Recall

As mentioned before, more than 100,000 Goodyear RV tires have been recently recalled, but why? According to the United States government, these particular tires have been the root of around 95 deaths and injuries. These deaths and injuries associated with the tires started around 1998. 

The specific Goodyear tires in question are known as G159 tires. These tires have not been made for 19 years, but even so, many RVs still have these tires and are still using them. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has been keeping a close eye on these particular tires for many years since 2017. 

However, only recently has the administration found enough evidence to force a recall on this product. But what kind of problems do these old tires have that make them so dangerous? In particular, they have the problem of the tread separating from the body of the tire. 

This may not sound like a very serious issue, but this can make the entire tire very unstable. When this happens, it becomes difficult to control your car, especially at high speeds. As a result, the car may swerve and cause a serious accident.

The Details

As mentioned before, this has happened at least 95 times due to the instability and unreliability of these tires. The Goodyear brand tried to keep the issues with the tires under wraps for many years until lawyers discovered the truth. It is believed that these tires were not actually designed for recreational vehicles but instead for delivery trucks. 

It is also believed that these tires were not designed to travel at high speeds, especially not the speeds necessary to travel on highways. Lawsuits and pressure from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration have forced Goodyear to recall the tires. More than that, Goodyear will pay for the replacement of these tires with new ones of a different model.

Unfortunately, the Goodyear brand has not been very cooperative during this whole matter and many lawyers are trying to bring the brand to justice for this issue. 

Considering the Goodyear Tire Recall

The Goodyear tire recall is a serious matter and it may directly affect you if you have Goodyear G159 tires on your RV that were produced between 1998 and 2004. If you think you require legal compensation for the issues you’ve had with those tires, consider looking for a lawyer.

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