• avon popcorn maker

Since the beginning of May, the CPSC has announced four recalls for household heaters and appliances that may pose fire hazards.  Approximately 375,000 heaters have been recalled, including, among others, certain Portable Infrared Radiant Quartz Electric Space Heaters that were recalled by Optimus Enterprise Inc.  Additionally, LEM Products issued a recall for more than 14,000 food dehydrators that can overheat and possibly lead to a fire.

This week, certain microwave popcorn makers are being added to the list of recalled household products.  Specifically, Avon Products announced a recall of approximately 54,700 of its Microwave Popcorn Makers that were sold through independent sales representatives and online at Avon’s official website with item number 474-105.  The popcorn makers, which were manufactured in Taiwan and sold for around $13, were available from October 2012 through February 2013.

According to the CPSC, the recalled product poses the following hazard:  “[w]hen cooked too long, the popcorn can overheat in this popcorn maker and ignite, posing a fire of burn hazard to consumers.”  Consumers should immediately stop use of the popcorn maker and identify whether or not the recall affects their product, as Avon has already received 20 reports of the popcorn makers overheating, including two incidents that resulted in fires.

The recalled popcorn makers have a clear tub that’s approximately six inches tall and measures 7.5 inches in diameter, along with a yellow vented lid.  There are three feet at the base of the popcorn maker, and consumers can check the adhesive label located on the bottom of the bowl that reads “Made in Taiwan.”

Consumers should immediately stop use of the popcorn maker in order to avoid the possibility of a unit fire and discard the original instructions that were sold with the product.  Avon created updated instructions to ensure product safety, and consumers can obtain the new instructions through an independent Avon representative or by visiting www.avon.com and clicking the “Product Recalls” section at the bottom of the page.