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On the national level, the BMW X5 luxury sports utility vehicle is hardly considered a top-seller. With approximately 38,000 vehicles sold to date, the X5 isn’t even one-third of the way to the successful sales numbers of last year’s top-selling SUV, the Ford Escape, which sold more than 140,000 vehicles. However, as we’ve seen recently, the Escape isn’t exactly carrying the best reputation right now, what with four recalls announced for the 2012 model since July. And with an MSRP nearly 4 times higher than the Escape, consumers may not be flocking to purchase the X5, but those who are do so because they expect a much higher standard of quality.

Those consumers are probably rather unhappy today, as BMW has announced the recall of approximately 29,800 X5 models that were produced and sold between 2009 and 2012. An additional 5,000 are also being recalled in Canada, where the flaw was initially discovered. The reason for this recall is because the X5 vehicles – specifically the xDrive 35d SAV diesel models – were manufactured with potentially defective engine belt idler pulley bolts that could become loose and break. The result of this breakage would be loss of power steering in the vehicles, which could lead to very serious accidents if the X5s become hard to handle at high speeds.

Fortunately, no accidents or subsequent injuries have been reported in connection with this recall as of yet, but BMW will nonetheless begin recalling and repairing the affected vehicles this month. Consumers who own BMW X5 models, years 2009-2012, should contact BMW at (800) 525-7417 to determine if their vehicle is affected. BMW dealers will accept and repair the vehicles and the pulley bolts free of charge.

The BMW X5 was the third highest-selling midsize luxury SUV in the U.S. in October, as 4,240 vehicles were sold. The Lexus RX led the way with 6,928 vehicles sold, while the Cadillac SRX was second with 5,521 units sold.