• Airbag

Last week, some of the world’s largest automobile manufacturers announced a collective recall of more than 3 million vehicles because of a problem that focuses on widely and commonly used airbags that have been linked to the Japan-based Takata Corporation. The problem is that these airbags may potentially deploy with too much pressure and fire shrapnel outward into the driver’s body.

With the initial announcement, Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Mazda and General Motors all reported knowledge of vehicles containing the specific airbags, while these companies were still actively determining more precise numbers of the specific models involved.

Now it seems that another popular manufacturer may be included, as Takata reported in a statement to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that some BMW vehicles use the defective airbag, according to CNN. BMW officials are currently investigating the issue as the German car and SUV manufacturer is unsure of which vehicles are involved.

So far, this recall includes approximately 561,000 Hondas (2002-03 CR-V, 2001-03 Civic and 2002 Odyssey models) and approximately 510,000 Toyotas (2001-03 Corolla and Corolla Matrix, Sequoia, Tundra and Lexus SC 430 models) in the U.S. Additionally, GM announced that approximately 55,000 Pontiac Vibe models in the U.S. and Canada will be recalled. Authorized GM dealers and mechanics will handle the Pontiac vehicles as the Pontiac brand is no longer produced.

While this recall remains complicated due to its expansive nature and the involvement of multiple auto manufacturers, consumers are urged to contact the car companies as well as the NHTSA at (888) 327-4236 with any questions or for additional information. The car companies should soon begin notifying vehicle owners to schedule their free repairs.