• blog 2013 02 12 bohning company recalling 150 crossbows over concerns accidental firing

Gun safety is obviously a very important and overwhelming topic with the national news media, which is why it perhaps overshadows the necessity for safety education and awareness in all weapons, whether for self-defense or recreational use. But no matter the weapon, no product is safe from manufacturing defects, which makes awareness and safety crucial in the face of potentially life-threatening accidents and injuries. Case in point, Michigan’s Bohning Company Ltd. has announced the recall of approximately 150 Middleton Siege Crossbows because of some extremely dangerous defects.

According to a report by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, the Canadian-manufactured Middleton Siege Crossbows may have defective auto-safety mechanisms that could lead to accidental, unexpected firing despite the safety appearing to be in the on position. While there have been not yet been any reported incidents of this occurring, the company believes that a recall is warranted. In addition to accidental firing, Bohning and the CPSC also believe that the crossbow limbs could crack or break under normal, routine use.  Accordingly, Bohning and the CPSC are urging any consumers who may have purchased one of these crossbows to stop using them immediately.

The crossbow models in question bear the numbers 315, 330, 355 and 375, and the model numbers can be located above the triggers. While sold only in retail stores in Texas and Pennsylvania, the Middleton crossbows were also available online through Bohning’s website between June and October of last year, with models ranging in price from $675 to $985.

The Bohning Company is offering a full refund to any consumers who own an affected Middleton Crossbow.  Consumers can contact the company to schedule their refund or for more information at (800) 253-0136.