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The first of many lawsuits has arisen due to the April 20 oil spill off the Gulf of Mexico, after the Deepwater Horizon drilling platform was sunk. Many reports say that oil continues to leak into the Gulf at a rate of over several thousands of gallons every day. Many industries are expected to be affected because of the spill and local businesses along the gulf coast in Texas, Louisiana, and other states are expected to lose money.

A Houston lawfirm has filed a suit in the U.S. District Court that represents the eastern district of Louisiana and surrounding areas. The firm is representing the fishing company Nova Affiliated SA and is hoping to add other companies, small businesses and large corporations, to the litigation party.

British Petroleum (BP) is the organization receiving most of the blame for the deadly oil spill, which has already disrupted a large portion of the Gulf’s environment and wildlife habitats. The Gulf of Mexico has supported many thriving industries that range from fishing to sailboats. It is estimated that annual fishing sales off the docks in Louisiana reach nearly $700 million. Close to 30,000 people in Louisiana are employed by businesses that rely on the fishing industry of that state.

Many states have declared a state of emergency due to the horrible oil spill. Florida is the most recent state to announce that it will be affected tremendously in the coming weeks.

While this is one of the first lawsuits filed because of the spill, it is expected that there will be many more. People across Louisiana are already bracing for the economic effects of the April 20 accident and many small businesses will have to be shut down if they are not reimbursed for the lost business. Restaurants, travel agencies, shrimper crews, and oyster farmers are among those groups that are expected to participate in other lawsuits against British Petroleum and other agencies and organizations involved.

The cause of the explosion that sunk the Deep Horizon oil rig platform is still unknown. The explosion is believed to have killed 11 workers, whose families are also expected to join in the fight against the large oil company. In addition to those directly affected by the blast, it is expected that the pristine beaches throughout the Gulf of Mexico will eventually be covered in oil. This may result in property values decreasing dramatically over the next few months.

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