• SAnow Blower

With winter storms still pounding away at most of the country, many people have found themselves hitting the pavement with shovels to clear snow each morning. Others in more commonly snowed-in areas may even break out a snow blower to do the heavy work, as some cities in the Northeast are reporting as many as eight inches of snow this week. Thus, a snow blower would be a homeowner’s best friend if it helped clear driveways and sidewalks faster than the grueling, time-consuming process of shoveling. Of course, it would be rather frustrating to find out this week that your snow blower is being recalled.

Approximately 5,400 Briggs & Stratton Ariens Compact Snow Blowers are being recalled this week because of concerns over potential fire hazards. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, the Milwaukee-based Briggs & Stratton Corporation is recalling these specific snow blowers because of a manufacturing defect with the carburetor nut that allows fuel to leak from the unit. As with any fuel-powered device, a leak could lead to dangerous fire hazards and injury if the gas is exposed to an open flame or incendiary device.

The CPSC report indicates that there have been no injuries associated with this defect or these snow blowers as of yet, but the concern still necessitated a recall. The snow blowers in question can be identified by their orange and black colors and 24-inch width. The model number is 920014 and the serial numbers range from 100,000 to 119,039, and those can be located on the product label on the back panel of the devices.

Briggs & Stratton is urging consumers to stop using the snow blowers immediately to avoid the possibility of fires or burn injuries. Representatives of the company can be reached at (877) 564-0172 for additional information, as well as to aid consumers in having their devices repaired at no charge by an authorized dealership.