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  • what do you need to know about defective door recalls

What Do You Need to Know About Defective Door Recalls?

When car buyers purchase a new vehicle, they assume the car manufacturer has adhered to minimum crash standards set by the federal government. While these standards are often generous to auto companies to start with, sometimes defective vehicles and vehicle... Read more
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  • tire tread seperation

What Causes Tire Tread Separation?

A manufacturing defect is often what causes tire tread separation issues. Tread separation occurs when the belts underneath a tire’s tread come apart. When this happens, the tread itself begins to come off the rest of the tire. This can... Read more
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  • what causes a tire to fall off while driving

What Causes A Tire To Fall Off While Driving?

Any number of issues could loosen a tire, causing it to fall off while you are driving. Most of these incidents occur because of some kind of fastening failure. This could be because the lug nuts worked their way off,... Read more