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Reported Intel Chip Flaw and Slowdown

Understanding Your Legal Rights and Remedies William C. Ourand, Esq. 2018 began with a bombshell report that instantly ignited a firestorm throughout the tech community.  According to The Register,[1] all Intel chips from the past decade may have critical security... Read more
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Lessons from Remington – SIG Sauer’s P320

Will ‘drop fire’ concerns over SIG Sauer’s P320 handgun lead to nationwide recall? In early August, retailer Omaha Outdoors shocked the firearm community with a warning: SIG Sauer’s P320 may fire when dropped.[1]  This revelation, hot on the heels of... Read more
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Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Cases

Carbon monoxide (“CO”) poisoning is a major health problem in the United States, resulting in thousands of injuries—including permanent brain damage—and hundreds of deaths each year. Many, if not most, of these injuries and deaths could be avoided by responsible... Read more
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Suing Lyft and Uber: Are There Any Viable Causes of Action Left?

This past session, the Florida Legislature passed, and the Governor promptly signed into law, House Bill 221. This bill constitutes a statewide overhaul of the laws governing transportation network companies (“TNCs”) like Uber and Lyft. Unfortunately, the legislation has horrible... Read more