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  • CSXDestruction

Our firm seeks to hold CSX Transportation Accountable

Ten families today accused CSX Transportation, the leading railroad company in North America, of failing to prevent the tidal wave that ripped through Waverly last year, killing 22 people including seven children, some as young as seven months old. Read more
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  • sexual assault allegations in massage therapy industry

Sexual Assault Allegations in Massage Therapy Industry

Dark room, closed door, lack of clothing and a stranger. It’s a recipe for vulnerability otherwise known as a massage. Across the country, that recipe has produced bitter results for women sexually assaulted by massage therapists. In Arizona, two women... Read more
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  • sexual assault allegations in cheerleading

Sexual Assault Allegations in Cheerleading

Behind the hair bows and pom-poms, cheerleading has at times provided a safe harbor for sexual molesters. A 55-year-old Los Angeles cheer coach, Michael Edmond, was charged last year with sexually abusing five girls as young as 9 years old.... Read more