• Gold Wing

Honda Power Sports touts the Honda Gold Wing touring motorcycle as a bike that “can make your riding dreams come true” as it represents the height of luxury to enthusiasts looking to combine their loves of riding with long-distance travels. From comfortable seating for two to high end technological spoils that include XM radio, iPod docking and a navigation system, the Gold Wing touring cycle really packs everything in to make the $23,000 retail price worthwhile. However, as with any vehicle in any price range, the Gold Wing is only as good as the tires that it rides on, and some riders are about to have their vacations cut short.

Continental Tire has announced the voluntary recall of approximately 1,700 ContiMotion MC tires that are most commonly used for the rear wheels of the Honda Gold Wing 1800 touring motorcycle. While the company has received no reports of accidents or injuries as of yet, according to the Auto Channel, Continental has received some feedback that these tires could become susceptible to cracking, uneven wear and belt lift caused by under-inflation and overloading the rear storage compartment on the Gold Wing. Any of those conditions could ultimately lead to tread separation, dangerous accidents and injuries while the motorcycle is being operated.

In particular, the tires affected in this voluntary recall were manufactured and sold in the U.S. in 2011 and 2012, and they carry serial numbers that fall between H60LJJE5110 and H60LJJE3811. The South Carolina-based company is currently contacting the appropriate dealerships and authorities, including the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, to inform them all of this recall. The dealerships will help Continental identify consumers and Gold Wing owners who may have purchased these tires at some point in the past two years, so that company representatives may contact them with information regarding free replacement tires and any additional steps in the recall process.

In the meantime, consumers who believe they may be riding on Continental tires that are affected in this recall can contact the company at (800) 847-3349 for additional information.