• crossman air pistol

Many Americans enjoy recreational shooting in the form of paintballing or airsofting. Airsoft guns fire plastic pellets and are therefore more safe than using traditional guns for recreational purposes. A few times, however, airsoft guns have been manufactured with safety defects that can affect the safety of the user and everyone else in the user’s vicinity. In March, Soft Air USA recalled about 2,400 Swiss Arms Air Rifles due to malfunctioning safety devices. This week, Crosman Corp. is recalling approximately 16,000 air pistols due to an explosion hazard.

The CPSC reports that “the air pistols can explode at high temperatures, propelling the pistol’s broken plastic pieces into the air, and posing a risk of serious eye and other injuries to users.” No incidents have been reported to either the CPSC or Crosman. Additionally, no injuries have been reported.

The recalled pistols are semi-automatic air pistols that use a CO2 cartridge to shoot plastic BB pellets. Used for recreational shooting, the recalled air pistols are black and 8.5 inches long. On the sides of the air pistols, consumers can find the model numbers C21, C31 and 9-C31BRM with serial numbers beginning with 12J, 12K, 12L, 12M, 13A, 13B or 13C. The air pistols also have Crosman’s name printed on their left sides.

The recalled air pistols were sold at sporting goods stores and other retailers from November 2012 through June 2013. The air pistols were priced between $45 and $60. The CPSC recommends that consumers stop using the recalled air pistols and remove the CO2 cartridge. Consumers can contact Crosman at 866-583-7340 for information about returning the recalled guns to Crosman for a free replacement or refund. Additionally, consumers can go to Crosman’s website, crosman.com, for more information.