• blog 2012 12 08 dream on me recalls two popular child products over health threats

In recent weeks, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has announced several major recalls involving children’s toys and products, and they serve as a very serious reminder that even products that are intended to provide safety can pose threats. For instance, Kidco recently recalled 220,000 travel beds because of suffocation hazards, as well as being linked to a child’s death in 2011, while Step2 recalled more than 15,000 children’s riders following a report that a child had suffered a concussion after the toy tipped over. These are seemingly harmless products for children; however, they have resulted in needless and preventable injuries.

This week, the children’s product manufacturer Dream On Me joined the aforementioned companies with two separate recalls, both involving products that are meant to provide child safety. First, the New Jersey-based company recalled approximately 50,000 Dream On Me Bath Seats because of concerns that they pose a serious drowning hazard. The recall was initiated after five reported incidents of the bath seats tipping over, as well as a failure to meet federal safety standards, according to the CSPC. Most notably, a 12-month old girl almost drowned while sitting in one of these seats. Fortunately, she needed no medical treatment.

On a lesser scale, but still of equal importance, Dream On Me also recalled approximately 900 Bed Rails, because they can possibly separate from the mattress, causing a suffocation and strangulation hazard. Much like in recent crib recalls, there is a possibility that a small child could slip in between the rail and the mattress and suffocate. While no incidents have been reported, Dream On Me is urging consumers and parents to stop using the bed rails immediately.

Consumers should contact Dream On Me at (877) 201-4317 in order to receive a replacement bath seat or a full refund for the bed rails.