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Since being established 92 years ago, the Eddie Bauer brand name has grown into one of the more prominent name brands in high-end, dependable clothing. Additionally, by the 1980s, the company had grown so popular and trustworthy that its name was loaned to Ford for a new high-end series of the automobile manufacturer’s sports utility vehicles. And while that specific cross promotion ended with a mildly-received run with the Taurus sedan in 2008, the company continues to add its name to various products as a way of signifying better quality. The problem with any product promotion or endorsement though, is that poor quality and defects affects every brand involved.

This week the Eddie Bauer Rocking Wood Bassinets is drawing negative attention, as the Indiana-based Dorel Juvenile Group announced the recall of approximately 97,000 bassinets after reports of a defect in the locking mechanism that can lead to a serious suffocation hazard. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, these bassinets may have been sold without a necessary spring that keeps the bottom locked in place. Without it, the bassinets can tip over, rolling the child to the side in between the mattress and frame. So far there have been 17 reports of these incidences, with two children experiencing breathing problems.

The bassinets in question were sold for $150 at Target, Sears and Toys R Us stores throughout the United States between December 2007 and January 2011, and they’re distinguished by a metal plate featuring “Eddie Bauer” on the footboard. The models included in this recall include 10632, 10639, 10832, 10835, 10839 and BT021, and that information can be found on the labels underneath the mattress and on the mattress support board.

The Dorel Juvenile Group urges parents to stop using these bassinets immediately and contact customer service representatives at (877) 416-0165 to order free repair kits that include new screws for the locking mechanism.