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Despite several efforts in multiple states in recent years, legislators have been unable to establish laws that would require tire manufacturers and retailers to provide consumers with a tire’s age upon sale. Many automobile manufacturers currently suggest that tires should be replaced after six years of use; however, tire companies have opposed such legislation. Additionally, a potentially greater problem exists in the used tire retail industry, as new tires are generally safer and experience fewer cases of tread separation than used tires.

Now, Florida state representative Jason Brodeur wants to change that, as he is proposing used tire aging legislation that would finally provide consumers with peace of mind in regard to the purchase of used tires by clearly conveying the pertinent age information for those tires.  By empowering consumers with this vital information, this bill has the potential to greatly reduce the number of injuries and deaths caused by tire failures on Florida’s roads and highways each year.

To view the bill and learn additional information about Brodeur’s efforts, visit the Newsome Blog.