Ford Brakes May Fail; U.s. Authorities Probe 475,000 Vehicles

January 3, 2017

Ford Brakes May Fail; U.S. Authorities Probe 475,000 Vehicles Vehicle Safety News: Ford Brakes May Fail; U.S.


Ford Brakes May Fail; U.S. Authorities Probe 475,000 Vehicles

Before the start of 2017 the National Highway Transportation Administration (NHTSA) opened an investigation over concerns that some Ford brakes could suddenly stop working. At the time of the announcement consumers had filed 141 complaints that their brake pedals went “soft,” allowing them to push the pedal all the way to the floor with little to no response.  Model years 2007 to 2009 Ford Fusion and Mercury Milan sedans are now being probed by the NHTSA, which could affect an estimated 474,862 vehicles still on the road.

Authorities have connected three crashes to the faulty brakes in question, but so far no injuries have been reported. However, several reported incidents allegedly resulted in drivers being unable to stop their cars from rolling through red lights and stop signs. The NHTSA said in a statement that the brakes may stop working as a result of going over uneven surfaces or while driving in wet weather conditions.

Not Ford’s First Probe

This is not the first probe into Ford Fusion or Mercury Milan sedans (the Milan was discontinued in 2011). Both models were included in the nearly 2 million Ford vehicles recalled because they were equipped with the fatally hazardous Takata airbag inflators that affected nearly every major automaker in the world. And earlier in December 2016 some 680,000 Ford Fusion and Lincoln MKZ vehicles assembled from 2012 to 2016 were recalled over faulty seatbelt pretensioners that malfunctioned in hot climates leading to at least two injuries.

The Ford Motor Company told reporters that they are fully cooperating with authorities while the NHTSA works to “assess the scope, frequency, and safety-related consequence of the alleged defect.” The next step for regulators would be to recreate a test crash in their lab before deciding whether or not to issue a recall.

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