• gas valves

With families across the country depending on gas to heat their homes and water during the cold winter months, they obviously need to know that they’re also safe from any possible gas leaks that could lead to fire or health hazards. While it takes a specific amount of gas in the air and an extremely high temperature to actually cause combustion and flames – an approximate concentration of 4 to 15 percent at 1,100 degrees Fahrenheit – a gas leak in a home or place of business can still be incredibly dangerous. When there is a gas leak, it is important that someone be able to reach the gas shut off valve, but that also requires the valve to actually work.

Taiwan’s Fu San Machinery Co. manufactures a wide variety of Low Lead Ball Valve/Shut-Off Gas Valves that are imported and distributed by companies throughout the U.S. This week, Fu San and those importers are recalling more than 163,000 of those Shut-Off Gas Valves, as it has been determined that the valves can crack and cause gas to subsequently leak.

In all, seven brands of the gas shut-off valves are affected, and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission is urging consumers to turn off the gas supply to their homes or commercial buildings immediately. Consumers should then contact Danville Sales, which is acting on behalf of Fu San Machinery, to receive a $300 reimbursement for the valve and any labor in the replacement process. Danville will issue the compensation with a photo of the valve to determine that is indeed involved in this specific recall. The CPSC reminds consumers to not remove the valves until they have been issued a reimbursement and a replacement has been purchased. After that, and to complete the reimbursement, the consumer must return the original valve to Danville.

It seems like a lengthy process, and it is, but nothing is too detailed and strenuous in regard to home safety. Fortunately, no defective valves have been linked to any injuries, illnesses or fires yet. To find out if your gas shut-off valve is included in this recall, refer to the list of models and serial numbers made available by the CPSC.