• Lockdown Gun Safe

With gun control and safety such a predominant topic in the American media, there is, of course, a good deal of interest in current safety measures that can protect people from shootings and gun accidents in the home. Among those safety measures are home gun safes that keep handguns and rifles out of the reach of children or potential intruders; however, if safety mechanisms fail then their overall purpose is for naught.

This week, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, in conjunction with the Canadian government, has announced that Battenfeld Technologies, Inc. is recalling about 3,900 Lockdown Compact and Large Handgun Security Vaults over concerns that the locks could possibly fail and allow access to anyone who attempts to retrieve the firearms, whether that be the actual gun owner or not. The vaults in question were sold by sporting goods stores and online retailers between May of 2012 and March of this year for approximately $21.

The gun vaults are identifiable by their black color and specific sizes, as the interior of the Compact case is approximately 5.25 inches wide, 8.25 long and 1.5 inches deep, while the interior of the Large case is 6.125 inches wide, 9.75 inches long and 1.5 inches deep. A three-number combination lock is located on the front of the case next to a label that reads: “Lockdown.” The actual serial numbers affected in this recall range from ST120002600 to ST120006800, and they can be found under the foam on the bottom of the vaults, inside the compartments.

Fortunately, no injuries or accidents have been associated or reported with this recall as of yet; however, Battenfeld Technologies recognizes the need to recall these devices that could lead to potentially life-threatening situations if a child or intruder should gain access to a firearm. The company’s officials are urging consumers to stop using the Lockdown vaults immediately and contact Battenfeld at (877) 509-9160 for more information regarding a full refund.