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Known mostly for its high end fashion and edgy styles, the retailer H&M found itself in unfamiliar territory today with the announcement of a significant recall. In fact, more than 2,900 children’s water bottles are being recalled by H&M, according to an announcement by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission today. The New York-based company has declared that these water bottles could provide a choking hazard and urged consumers to return them immediately for a full refund.

According to a post onthe H&M website:

With concern for our customers H&M has decided to recall these water bottles. The pull-up drinking spout of the bottle can break into small parts, which may lead to a risk of choking.

The defect can be difficult to see which is why we ask all customers who have been given or have purchased any of these water bottles to immediately stop using the product. The customers are also kindly asked to return it to any H&M store, where they will receive a refund.

This is the first recall announced by H&M this year, but it follows a trend of recently recalled products which pose a hazard to children. In August and September alone, we’ve already seen the recalls of children’s riding vehicles, window blinds that serve as choking hazards, bicycles and scooters, baby bathers, and pacifiers, among others.

As for the H&M recall, the effort is focused on these specific blue and pink water bottles, because their plastic spouts can break and fall into whatever liquid is being kept in the bottles.  The 16-oz. bottles were manufactured in June of this year, and they were sold from July through August 2012 at H&M stores with children’s departments throughout the nation. Consumers can either return the bottles in stores for a full refund, or they can contact H&M at (855) 466-7467. Additional information is available on the company’s website.