Honda Announces Recall Of Some Acura MDX Models

January 18, 2010

Honda announces recall of some Acura MDX models

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has reported a voluntary recall by the American Honda Motor Company of certain model 2010 Acura MDX sports utility vehicle. The models in question were manufactured between October 7 and November 14 of 2009. The NHTSA and Honda/Acura urge consumers who may have purchased one of these models to bring it to an area dealership immediately to remedy the production flaw.

During manufacturing, some models of the MDX may have not received a bolt that attaches an interior trim piece to the driver’s or passenger’s side A-pillar. The A-pillar is the segment of metal, plastic and other various materials that supports the windshield on both sides of the car. Should a crash occur, the lack of this bolt could mean a significantly higher chance of injury for the driver or passenger. As the front side airbags deploy, the detached material could strike either person.

Consumers and owners are encouraged to have their nearest Honda or Acura dealership examine their 2010 Acura to determine if it was manufactured without the installation of this A-pillar bolt. Should the bolt be missing, one will be installed free of charge.

For additional information, owners should contact their local dealership, or contact the NHTSA’s vehicle safety hotline at (888) 327-4236 or check the Web site at

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