• Honda Element

Due to customer complaints regarding their brake pedals, Honda announced in March that they were recalling 344,000 of their Odyssey minivans and 68,000 of their Elements that were made between 2007 and 2008. According to Honda, the company received complaints that the brake pedals felt “soft” and that the brake pedals “gradually exhibit a pedal height that gets lower before the vehicle stops.”

In order to fix the problem, Honda issued a recall so that they could fix the vehicle stability assist modulator. This came on the heels of the massive recall issued by Toyota due to the Japanese automaker’s defective brake systems.

According to the automaker, the brake systems on the vehicles that have been affected were assembled in a way that would allow a small amount of air to enter the system. Over time, the accumulated air causes the brakes to display the signs of a ‘soft brake pedal’ or ‘low brake pedal’ condition as described by drivers in many of their complaints.

While Honda did not issue a statement providing their solution for the problem, the automaker issued a recall of the affected vehicles. The manufacturer has asked that car owners check to see if their vehicle requires a repair by going online or calling (800) 999-1009 and selecting option 4.

If you or a loved one owns one of the affected Honda Odyssey or Element models and have experienced an injury or accident due to brake stability issues, contact
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