• honda fit 2013

Last year, Honda was second only to Toyota in the number of recalls in the United States, and the Japanese manufacturer seems to be continuing that trend this year.  Since the beginning of April, Honda has issued recalls for over 700,000 vehicles, including their recent recall for over 200,000 vehicles to fix a gear-shift mechanism that could accidentally shift the vehicle into drive without pressing the brake pedal.  With another major recall issued this past Friday, Honda continues to add to its growing list of problems.

Known as Honda’s smallest car, the 2012 and 2013 Fit models are being recalled to fix a problem with its electronic stability control system.  According to official documents filed with NHTSA, the recall affects approximately 43,782 Fits in the U.S. that were made between May 2011 and March 2013.  In addition, the Toronto Sun has reported that the recall also includes about 2,000 Fits in Canada.

The recalled vehicles may be equipped with an electronic stability control system that may allow excessive yaw, or rotation, possibly permitting the car to tilt too far during tight turns.  As a result, tires can potentially lose traction.  The recall documents posted on the NHTSA website state that “[e]xcessive yaw rates prevent the proper function of the electronic stability control (ESC) system, increasing the risk of a crash.”

Honda issued a statement on its website explaining that no injuries or crashes associated with the ESC system have been reported, and that the problem was discovered during government testing of models with particular tires.    The company will begin to notify owners and dealers on May 17, 2013.  Owners can take their vehicles to an authorized Honda dealer that will update the system’s software free of charge, and they can contact Honda by going to www.recalls.honda.com or by calling (800) 999-1009.