• Urban Shredder

The Hot Wheels Urban Shredder was one of the hot new gadgets to hit the American market in time for this past Christmas season, as its hybrid skateboard-motorcycle makeup was an instant hit with kids looking for a new – and preferably safe – rush. Powered by two 12-volt batteries, the Shredder’s 250-watt electric motor allows its riders to enjoy roughly an hour of fun before it’s time to charge again.

California-based Dynacraft BSC Inc. and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission have announced that approximately 8,900 of the Hot Wheels Urban Shredders are being recalled because of a problem with unexpected acceleration. While the Shredders only reach a top speed of 10 miles per hour, like any vehicle they are expected to operate with gradual, controlled acceleration. There have been at least 17 consumer reports of unexpected acceleration, according to the CPSC, but none of those cases have included injuries.

The Shredders involved in this recall were available in two styles, including green and black (model Nos. 8801-05 and 8801-05com) and red and black (model No. 8801-15) with both featuring detailed Hot Wheels graphics. These recreational vehicles were manufactured between September 15 and December 1 of 2012, depending on the model number, which can be located on a label on the underside of the device. According to the CPSC, the exact serial numbers included in this recall are:

a. letters “CT-EEI” followed by a six-digit number in the range of 000001 through 003075 and 010759 through 011075;

b. or the letters “CT-EEJ” followed by a six digit number in the range of 003076 through 010758;

c. or the letters “CT-CEJ” followed by a six digit number in the range of 003000 through 005000.

The Hot Wheels Shredders were sold at Target, Toys R Us, and WalMart stores throughout the U.S., as well as online through Amazon, beginning in November 2012 until as recently as February. Dynacraft officials are urging consumers who have purchased these Shredders to stop using them immediately and to disconnect the battery as well. The Shredders can be returned to stores of original purchase for a full refund or store credit. Consumers can also contact Dynacraft at (800) 551-0032 for additional assistance or information.