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Product defects kill around 23,000 Americans and injure 31 million, which shows how prevalent this problem is.

Faulty products can cause physical harm and result in a monetary loss. But you can reverse the damage by hiring a product defect attorney who can fight your corner.

If you’re unsure how a product defect attorney can help you with your claim, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s everything you need to know.

Provides Proof of Injury On Your Behalf

To have a successful product liability case, your lawyer must provide a burden of proof on your behalf. This backs up your claim and shows the retailer or manufacturer that the product is defective, potentially causing your injuries. Without this evidence, it’s unlikely you’ll get a fair compensation.

Gathers Eyewitness Statements

If an eyewitness saw you get injured by a defective product, such as in your workplace, a lawyer will help you gather copies of accident reports. You should also list the names of witnesses, including their contact numbers and statements, to explain what they saw.

Shares Your Medical Records

To claim negligence in product liability, a reputable lawyer will share your medical records in court as evidence. After your accident, go to your local hospital and keep all the necessary documents. This includes treatment plans, x-rays, and a letter from your doctor.

Proof You Used the Product as Intended

The only way you can prove a product is defective is by showing that you used it as intended. For example, if you were recently in a car accident and the airbag didn’t deploy, file a claim as it could’ve had catastrophic results. Or if it’s not working correctly, you may suffer serious injuries.

Researches Product Recalls and Lawsuits

A product defect attorney will research the item to figure out whether there have been any existing defects. This includes a wide range of products, from electronics to medical divides, and auto parts. If another injured consumer has filed a similar claim, your lawyer can help you join a mass tort to strengthen your case.

Your product defect attorney will also see whether you’re eligible to make a manufacturing defect claim. For instance, if there’s been an issue with your tires, it could be because of a manufacturing issue. If this is the case, an expert witness like an engineer will testify and send their statement to your lawyer.

Further, product manufacturers should warn consumers of defects or dangers regarding their products. Ideally, these should be dictated clearly to prevent the risk of injury or loss.

Hire a Product Defect Attorney Today

Now that you know how a product defect attorney can help, it’s time to find one in your area.

An attorney will help you compile eyewitness statements and provide proof of injury for your claim. Lawyers will also research product recalls and lawsuits, so it’s important to tap into their wealth of knowledge.

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