• Maguro Brakes

Last week, Yuba Bicycles announced the recall of approximately 1,000 Mundo V4 cargo bikes amid concerns that riders were at risk of getting their feet caught in the rear wheels while riding. The recall was prompted by two consumer reports that, while not involving serious injuries, raised enough concern to cause the California-based company and the Consumer Product Safety Commission to announce the recall. Prior to that, Specialized Bicycles also recalled approximately 12,200 high-end bicycles because of a dangerous defect that could cause the steering tube to break.

In both cases, the recalls brought attention to the bicycle manufacturers’ responsibility to produce safe products. However, a new recall is raising awareness to the responsibilities of the companies that manufacture bicycle components, including the brakes. Magura USA and the CPSC have announced the recall of approximately 2,800 Magura MT 6 and MT 8 hydraulic disc brakes because of a defect that can cause the devices to fail in cold weather scenarios.

While no injuries or accidents have been reported, Magura has announced the recall to correct this defect because riders in cold weather states could still experience dangerous brake failure while operating their bicycles. Brake failure could lead to loss of control of the bicycles, potentially resulting in collisions.

Magura is recalling brake units that were manufactured between March 1, 2011 and May 31, 2012, with the date codes located on the calipers in a “Y/MM/DD” format. Additionally, any brake units that do not have manufacturing dates printed on them are also being recalled. The Magura brakes were sold by national retailers from January 2011 through March 2013 for between $269 and $379.

Consumers currently using these Magura brakes should stop using their bicycles immediately and contact the company at (800) 448-3876 to schedule a free repair or receive replacement brake units at no cost.